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Photobucket: I am sad to say that literally 100s of my link in post will now be broken due to Photobucket change in policy 😦 😦 😦
Hot linking is now no longer allowed on free accounts or paid accounts (which I had all the time over the years I was a heavy user of their site) (But now ….. it will cost you $400.00 a year if you want to keep your images linked, a ridiculous amount) so I now have 100s of post with broken links and no way to fix them short of uploading all the photos to another site and re-linking them again. Lucky for me I always backup my images locally to a hard drive so no lost of images. Also I never upload the full size images to any online site …. one: for this reason and other reason too. Bottom line you cannot trust free online sites and to be honest I would not put a lot of trust in paid site either!!! Glad I knew that going in.

I have over 600 bird images and 100s of others images all with broken links on my blog now 😦 😦

Note: This happen to users that were paying them $60.00 a year on their paid accounts Too. They want $400.00 a year!

Photobucket you have the right to change your policy but replacing all the images with a link to your site ….. is free advertisement for you, I see this as just plain lowlife!!!


With Verizon buying Yahoo (and Flickr as part of Yahoo) I worry what will happen with Flickr images too.

Sorry folks I always make a rule to try to stay on the positive side of things, but this just pisses me off!

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  1. Flickr is your best solution I have had great results on my blog for 7 yrs. now. With the Verizon take over all is still the same. Cannot see any major changes in this take over. From what I hear things will not change on Flickr. Wish you the best on your blog.

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  2. I have been unable to access my Flickr account since the takeover. It asks me to change my password for Yahoo!, but then when I comply, it won’t let me access my account at Flickr.

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    1. That sucks for you!! Thankfully, I have had pretty good luck with Flickr so far. I have been using it for a while now about 4 years but the other 6 years of my blog post I used Photobucket.


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