Steller Jay

Pictures: Here is a couple of shots of a Steller Jay that has been enjoying my seeds.



Exercise: Barry and I walked 4 miles today, not bad for two old dudes!

Solar: Barry had a solar system put on his RV and we are now going through and doing all the things the solar installer should have done. One; the fools hooked his inverter up in a way that it was charging his house batteries when on and that is a no no. (He has two battery system the way they installed it)

One; the house batteries run the house as always and two; the installer put two large batteries in to run his electric when off grid.
They put in 1060 Watts of solar panels (very nice) but they put all the panels in series and they should have put them in a parallel series circuit, we’ll fix that later.

They did not put a breaker between the solar panels and the Controller and we did that today.

We also put a switch in place to turn on/off the RV’s build-in Converter so when running the installed Inverter it is not running the Converter to charge the House Batteries. Now he can turn on the switch when he runs his generator and turn off the switch when he runs he Inverter.

A good days work for two old guys 🙂

The other day Barry helped me do some plumbing on my rig, he is much better at that kind of thing than I. Me, I understand solar a little better than he does so it works out pretty good.

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