Painted Redstart

Pictures: Couple shot of Juvenile Painted Redstart. These are not very good photos but they at least show me what kind of bird it is.

On this shot you can see just a hit of red, where as an adult would have a bright red belly.



Exercise: I didn’t get started till late today (rain) on my walk and it turned out that Jeanne was running late too, so we walk together. I end up with 4 miles.

Weather: Can you guess? Yes it is raining ☔ and it is coming in bucket-fulls just now. I’m not real fund of the ⚡ lighting and that is popping a lot right now too. It reminds me of times when I had pets and how they wanted to go hind under tables and such when they hear the thunder(I get the feeling they were pretty smart sometimes, LOL ).

It is such a interesting contrast to see how dry this area gets and than watch the monsoons of July and Aug come.

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