Robin and Nuthatcher

Pictures: Here is a Robin and a White-breasted Nuthatcher.

Robin with a snack 🙂


This Nuthatcher was enjoying some suet from my suet feeder, which some critter stole in the night time ….. maybe a raccoon or something like that, all I know is that one morning it was gone, feeder and all 🙂


Got up to rain this morning so no exercise.

Night Folks

Taking a Bath

Pictures: Couple of shots of the Mountain Chickadee taking a bath.

Splish-splash Mountain Chickadee taking a bath!


All Clean!


Exercise: I walked with Jeanne this morning and ended up with 4.2 miles.

Weather: We are getting rain almost everyday since about 10th of this month, good hard rains in this area too. The rain keeps it a bit muddy but given a day without rain or a day that it rains in the late afternoon, it will dry up.
Update to weather: It rain hard and long today, there is a lot of mud.

Night Folks

Acorn Woodpecker

Pictures: Couple shots of a Acorn Woodpecker as it scores a shell peanut from my feeding area.



Going: My friend Barry loves to go, so I have been going out about very day to the city or somewhere. It is a fun change for me. Left to myself I will only go once a week or maybe twice.

Weather: Lots of rain and a good thunderstorm going at the moment, I find lighting a bit scary sometimes 😬

Night Folks

Cowbird Pair

Pictures: Here is a shot of a male and female Brown-Headed Cowbird.



City: It is chores day and Barry and I headed off to Flastaff to do them-there-chores. Water for the RVs, Gal of water for my drinking water, laundry and shopping, all done.

Weather: We have been getting a good bit of rain here and that is a good thing. No dust and most of the time it is not too muddy 🙂

Night Folks

Injured Crow

Pictures: This crow came around a good bit at my last camp site and always looked at me from it’s right eye, when I looked at the photos later I could see that it had been injured on the left side of it’s head at some point and maybe the eye too.



Injured Crow.

Exercise: My friend Barry and I walked for 3.6 miles today.

Photobucket: If I didn’t say so in my post about Photobucket, I have been using Flickr for the last 4 years but I have 6 years of post before that with lots of link using Photobucket. Anyways, all my latest post should be fine.
Oh, just for the fun of it put “Photobucket Sucks” in a google search and see that many agree with me 🙂

Night Folks

Special Post



Photobucket: I am sad to say that literally 100s of my link in post will now be broken due to Photobucket change in policy 😦 😦 😦
Hot linking is now no longer allowed on free accounts or paid accounts (which I had all the time over the years I was a heavy user of their site) (But now ….. it will cost you $400.00 a year if you want to keep your images linked, a ridiculous amount) so I now have 100s of post with broken links and no way to fix them short of uploading all the photos to another site and re-linking them again. Lucky for me I always backup my images locally to a hard drive so no lost of images. Also I never upload the full size images to any online site …. one: for this reason and other reason too. Bottom line you cannot trust free online sites and to be honest I would not put a lot of trust in paid site either!!! Glad I knew that going in.

I have over 600 bird images and 100s of others images all with broken links on my blog now 😦 😦

Note: This happen to users that were paying them $60.00 a year on their paid accounts Too. They want $400.00 a year!

Photobucket you have the right to change your policy but replacing all the images with a link to your site ….. is free advertisement for you, I see this as just plain lowlife!!!


With Verizon buying Yahoo (and Flickr as part of Yahoo) I worry what will happen with Flickr images too.

Sorry folks I always make a rule to try to stay on the positive side of things, but this just pisses me off!