Pygmy Privacy

Pictures: The Pygmy Nuthatches no expectation of Privacy story.

Oh, the water ain’t too bad ……

HEY! I am having my bath here, don’t you see?

Just get, I say!!!

It is just like being on the internet around here, no expectation of Privacy!!!

Night Folks


9 thoughts on “Pygmy Privacy

    1. You know I did spend a few years in the army …….. I don’t remember having any privacy, LOL, just like the bird in this post! Of course, there was no internet back then …….

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    1. Thank you, watching the birds sometimes makes me wonder just what they are thinking and I often find myself making up the conversation as I watch. Of course, I don’t write them all down …. don’t want folks to know just how crazy I am …. talking with the birds and all 😏

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  1. It is alright to commune with birds. It just shows how special you are.
    The dialog is just perfect. They sure were not happy with each other.

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