Pictures: Wild Flowers.



Exercise : I walked 3 miles this morning.

Weather: I know it is a good thing to have all the rain this area can get but ….. I am a bit sick of all this rain! The mosquitoes are as thick as can be ….. and biting 🙁 !!!

Night Folks


19 thoughts on “Rain

      1. I guess they are part of the monsoons around this area. In the morning and the evenings they are everywhere but in the mid day they are not bad. Of course I don’t get out at night but I am sure they are busy at night!


    1. Thanks Alix, I don’t like getting bite by them but staying in this area it is going to be a fact of life. Yes the rain has given me some great beauty in flowers to shoot …. now it can quit all that rain, leave the flowers but take the mosquitoes, LOL!!


  1. Nice job capturing the colors without blowing the highlights. I could do without mosquitoes too but quite a few bird species and fish depend on the insect itself and its larvae for food. I know … that would be all fine and dandy if the little bugs wouldn’t look to us as a food source. 🙂

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    1. Thank you David. Well I am glad to hear that them little biting devils are somebody’s chow! While out on my morning walks I do see a few Swallows flying around and I bet they are chowing down on the mosquitoes. If I could speak bird I would surely tell them Swallows what a good job they were doing, LOL!


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