Wild Flowers

Pictures: More Wild Flowers.



Exercise: I walked 3 miles this morning. I dressed in sweatpants, sweatshirt and half can of OFF! That dress was surely a little warm for the walk this morning but it helped to keep the mosquitoes off.

Weather : The monsoons are still active and I can see and hear the thunder and lighting coming this way, so rain is likely.
We had a good rain, the mosquitoes are out!

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10 thoughts on “Wild Flowers

    1. Thanks, this area is about 7200 feet so it is pretty high. I stayed here a couple times before and no mosquitoes but this time there are because of the monsoons. I will likely not be here but two weeks so I will tough it out.

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      1. Hey, John, I hadn’t realised you get monsoons over there! Hope you’ve stocked up on the mosquito repellent. ‼
        My time up in tropical Kimberley in northern Western Australia gave me a similar experience. I was outside enjoying the daily sound and light show Nature provided, at dusk, wearing my shorts and sandals. The mozzies attacked my legs from all sides, and only my legs, which felt like a million hard pinpricks and drew blood, forming scabs later! That was the only time it happened, which I thought was quite extraordinary considering shorts were my staple clothing in that 41degC heat. I’m surprised I didn’t become ill since we have some killer mozzies here! Part of the fun of living out in the wild, eh. 🗿

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      2. I don’t think I have it near that bad here, and I am thankful for that! If I had that kind of attack I would for sure move. As you said all in good fun …. but I don’t want to have too much fun now, LOL!


    1. Hi Jeanne, I know it is nice up that way but I think I will hang out down this way. The Grand Canyon is not a place I can just hang out, it kind of takes another mind set for me and I am not up to it this year. So much to see and do …… and walk! Hope you two are having fun 🙂


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