Wild Flowers 2

Pictures: Just couple more wild flowers.

The crops on these next two are so heavy that you can’t click and make them bigger.



Rainbow from yesterday evening, this is 10 shots stitched together and it has flaws! About 1/3 the way over from the right it bent my rainbow a bit, I had to try and clone in the upper right comer of the image and the left side is a bit darker than the right. I need to buy me a wide angle lens. At any rate it was a beautiful full double rainbow.


Exercise: I walked 3 miles today.
Update: After getting back from my walk this morning my friend (Barry) ask if I wanted to join him in a trip to Walnut Canyon National Park (Just east of Flagstaff, AZ), so we went, which added another 1.7 miles to my walking today. (Pictures later on)

Night Folks


14 thoughts on “Wild Flowers 2

    1. Thanks David, something didn’t go just right in Photoshop stitching but still I kind of liked it. I just grab the camera and shot no time for a tripod, would have likely went better.


    1. Thank you Hien, I have seen parts of Double Rainbows before but that may be the first time I have seen the whole of both bows, a beautiful site for sure.


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