Pictures: A couple more of the oldies. These over 10 years old.

Images not clickable for larger view.



Exercise: I walked a couple of miles today.

ü vs ✓: A check mark stump me up for a day and half!!! I kid you not …. I wanted to put a check mark like this ✓ in a document I have and when I did the copy from the Character Map I got this ü instead of the ✓ and I even looked up the keystroke for doing this which is Alt+2713 and it still put ü in?%$! So after much research I found a register hack that I use to put in a new string value and was finally able to get my check mark by using the Keystrokes Alt+2713 !!! Still I cannot get the Character Map to copy many of the Character right, such as the check mark. I know a lot of it has to do with the language and keyboard type but after a day and a half and finally getting my check mark, I called it a tie and give up 😒

Am I the only one that gets so hung up on little things like this and can not let it go, are some of you other folks like this??? LOL

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Blue Jays

Pictures: Some very old shots of a couple of Blue Jays.

These old shots are not clickable for larger images 😦



Night Folks

Near the Last, Western Bluebird

DPictures: Couple more of one of the Western Bluebird from Flagstaff. I am not sure I will get many bird shots from here, just not seeing many but time will tell.

As always click the pictures twice for the bigger images.



Chores: Barry and I was off to the city of Cottonwood, AZ to do the chores this morning, laundry, gallons of water for drinking, large containers for the RV and a little shopping.

Water: I usually use a little over 20 gallon a week(plus I drink about 7 gallons from my drinking water (gallon jugs)), I fully bathe each day(which uses most of the water from the RV), do dishes, and other small things. If you conserve a bit you can get by on very little! I have two tanks and get about 33 gallons a load, so I have 10 gallons or so left over that can be used to wash the truck or the RV if I like, or other things. Mind you, I have a 50 gallon fresh water tank in the RV and I could use that much a week if I wanted to and a lot of newer rigs have much larger tanks and do use a great deal more water, it is all in the way you like to do things.

My friend Barry has a pressure washer and we can use the generators to run it and that thing can do some good cleaning. We both have DC water pumps for pumping water into the RVs and other light work/spraying. Full-time RVing is a interesting way of doing things and one learns a lot of tricks to make life pretty much like living anywhere else, only you get to pick from a lot of different yards and views 🙂

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More Cars

Pictures: Two more from the the car show.


What do you think ….. maybe this one needs a little work??


Moved: Today My friend and I moved south a ways, we are now south of Sedona, AZ – about 18 miles. Last night at our location west of Flagstaff it got down to 21° F, a bit cold for RVs I think. We moved less than a hour away but drop in elevation by about 3400 feet, it should be a bit warmer!

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