Lesser Gold Finch

Pictures: Couple shots of the Lesser Gold Finch.

They can be very acrobatic when going after the seeds 🙂



Exercise : I walked 3 miles today.

Moved: I have moved back to the west of Flagstaff again ….. maybe one more move and I will be off to somewhere away from Flagstaff, somewhere lower in elevation. Likely after the end of the month(Sept).

Night Folks


7 thoughts on “Lesser Gold Finch

    1. Thank you, I’m not sure how they did the naming of the birds but the American Goldfinch is a bit brighter and has less black cap. The Lesser Goldfinch has more white in the wings and is just in the southwest while the American Goldfinch is all over the US. Just not sure how they did the naming. There is also a Lawrence’s Goldfinch which I have never seen before, it is a California bird.

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