Sedona Mountains 5

Pictures: More shots from Sedona, AZ.



Moved: I moved again today, the last area I was in was very dusty and I needed a break from all that dust! I did not move far, I am now near Camp Verde, AZ.

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8 thoughts on “Sedona Mountains 5

  1. Still near Sedona? I was starting to enjoy the scenery, John. Q: Which filter do you use to get such clear colour? I expect in reality it’s much paler since we’re under such hot sun?

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    1. Thanks, I am not as near but still not far away. Yes, the shots are a little blow out in the harsh sun light (Pretty bad so, seeing as I don’t get out till the sun is pretty high) But … I have no filters on the lens, not even a UV filter, I spend a good bit of time taming the light in Photoshop 🙂 Of course I must always shoot away from the sun. I was hoping for a cloudy day but I didn’t get one.

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