Hot-Air Balloon

Pictures: Couple more shots of the Balloons coming in for a landing.



Chores: Seeing as I moved yesterday I did most of my chores today.

Night Folks


6 thoughts on “Hot-Air Balloon

      1. My experience was back in the 70’s, and the gondolas were about half that size, even on commercial flights. That seems like a lot to ask of a bunch of hot air! ;-> Tragedies were not unknown, i.e. power lines and trees. Perhaps there is more underground wiring for utilities these days.

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      2. Plenty of stuff to run into out here but the pilot seems very confident in his landing ability to put the Balloon were he wants it to be. As it got near me he was dragging the bottom across some of the desert bushes and I heard him telling the folks not to worry about it 🙂 Perhaps they have more control on them now a days? Seeing as the pilot could put it back in the exact spot as the day before as he predicted he would, says a good bit about his control over the thing!


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