Milk Weed

Pictures: These shots where taken about 10 year ago.



Exercise: Carol and I walked 2.8 miles this morning.

Backup Files: Yesterday I took a ride into the city to pick up my mail from the post-office and stopped by Walmart on my way out and brought a 256 gig USB stick to have a second backup for my photos. The stick is the older USB 2 and it took me about 8 hours to copy 160 Gigs of photos to it! I was thinking well all this ain’t worth the time but than I thought this is over 10 years of photos …. so a few hours to backup ain’t that bad. Still life would be better if the stick was a USB 3 but that won’t be happening at the cost they are now.

After buying a new computer a couple years ago with only a 256 gig hard drive I have kept only one copy of my photos on a backup drive because there is not room for them on the computer. And at any rate I decided I should have at least two copies of all photos so I now have them on a backup hard drive and the USB stick. If I keep both the hard drive and the USB stick in sync it should not be too time consuming to keep double copies.

I would like to back up online too somewhere but that could be costly and time consuming. I would have to find a place where I could upload 160 gig pretty fast and that may not be easy. Most places with a nice high speed connection won’t let you walk in and help yourself. Plus I would have to have a place I could trust to upload to and that would not be easy either. After those two things there would be cost …. So the online thing is not happening just now!

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    1. Thanks Hien, You are right, my backup hard drive is a 1 Terabyte and with the larger images files that the newer cameras have I will likely need a bigger one with my next camera. I think I read where the new Nikon 850 put out a 80 MB raw file, wow that would fill up some storage fast! I likely should buy a 4 TB for my next backup drive. Really handy having my photos on a USB stick 🙂


  1. I much prefer my own back up scheme. The “cloud” just doesn’t do it for me. A two-terabyte external hard drive could handle your needs for a long time. Not as convenient as a stick, but I leapfrog my backups on two of them every night, and it isn’t really much of a bother. The 750GB capacities are pretty reasonably priced because they are not as popular now. DH uses his partition for the occasional back up of his computer. He does his normal ones on separate drives.

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    1. Thanks Judie, I looked at that link and I see they have a 4TB for $105.00 and that ain’t bad! I’ll likely have to have one in the near future.
      The reason I think about a cloud is that if anything happen to my RV, I would lose every thing without a backup off site.

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      1. True enough about off-site storage. That IS a problem, even in a house. Some folks put their main system on a drive of some sort and mail it to a relative, or trusted friend. This allows ease of reinstallation of the system, but more painful reinstallation of peripheral documents, photos, etc..

        With the “cloud” providing minimal free space – it is about the same as a DVD – pictures can be stored free on any number of sites – Flickr, etc..

        For options, see:
        Your choices with a PC may be different from my Mac experience, but I really don’t want a connection from the cloud to my computer in any case.

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      2. Yes, I see all these and I have many of them Flickr Free, Photo Bucket free, Drop Box and Google but I am all wireless for my connection to the internet so I have to keep in mind the bandwidth that I use and lots of photos can use a lot bandwidth. I don’t keep my computer sign into any of these, I only sign in when I want to use them for some small files that I like to keep backup off site.
        And we know that some of these have heavy pitfalls (Photo Bucket come to mind first)!!!!


  2. You must have a fast hd to speed up, even if it´s USB 3. My pc 2 hd and I have usb 3 and my hd on C is a SSD hd with only 256 GB and in that I install programs. I have a usual HD 1 TB where all my pictures and other files lay. There I have connected my extern HD who is a 3.0, but it´s not fast anyway. It should take 5 GB/sec with 3.0 but both source must be the same.

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    1. Thanks John, yes the next hard drive I’ll get will likely be a USB3 4TB. That will be the best I can do for now. Maybe in a year or two I’ll be able to get computer and hard drive with Thunderbolt 3 , that would be nice!

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