Smokey Sunset

Pictures: One day while camping near Camp Verde they where doing a control burn up near Flagstaff and the smoke was coming south, it was a very smokey evening.


Sunset near Parker, AZ.


Exercise: I walked a couple miles on Tuesday but have not walked since then. Little sore today, see below!

Truck Repair: I had some front brake problems so I decided to replace them. Tuesday I gathered all the parts I needed, brake pads and rotors and changed then out yesterday with help from a new friend(Rick) that I met over in Flagstaff this summer. Rick is like I (older) and it give us both a good workout getting the job done but we got it and I now have fine brakes in the front again. When doing repairs in the desert it is best to have a friend with a stand by vehicle just in case things go wrong or you need other parts in the middle of the job while your vehicle is took apart!

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