Firefox No-script Update

No pictures today.

The new one: Well today I see that the new updated No-script extension got updated and it is very different for sure. I am trying to figure out how things work on it, the user interface is completely different for sure. Not sure if any of you use this Firefox Extension or not but I think it is the most important extensions Firefox has. If any of you use this I would love to hear what you think about it.

This is pretty much what the user interface looks like.
New noscript

And as best I can tell for now is that ….
Note: Folks don’t write this down, this is just the best that I can make out about how things work in this new version.

(1) The first icon is to set everything to default on that site, now I am not sure what that means …. but I think if you set it to default it will be off the white list when you next go back to setting.

(2) The second icon will set the site to trusted and allow all script (note: the lock has more to do with that) I also think this will white list the site unless you click the clock, see 4 below.

(3) The third icon Will set all script to not trusted and block all script on that site.

(4) Clicking the little clock mean that this is a temporary setting for this session of browsing and will be gone when you next start-up …. ?

(5) Clicking the 4th icon allow you to pick the custom setting about what kind of script is allow. I have not gone there yet!

(5) The Lock …. when allowing a page … if the lock is green and locked it only allows HTTPS script and if the lock is red and unlocked it allows both HTTP and HTTPS script.

This is my best guesses for now, would love to hear from someone who really know their way around this new extension!

Night Folks