Little Buys for Black Friday

Pictures: My Little Black Friday.

A set of sheets for $24.00


In the Walmart Black Friday Sales Paper had the 1TB backup dive for $45.00 and I was not going to bite because I wanted a bigger drive(maybe next year) …. but when I went to the store they had it marked for $29.00 so ….. I bite! They had the 32gig SD cards for $7.00 and the 64gig SD Cards for $14.00 and I got two of each, I seem to find a use for them here and there.


Temptations: Little Temptations: Home Depot had the new 20 volt Dewalt Drill with two batteries and charger on sale for $100.00, I have the older 18 volt version so I passed for this year.

Big temptations: B&H had some fine deals on the Mac-book Pro Late 2016 model …. but no, I was good and did not bite!

There were some pretty tasty deals on Canon Cameras too but again I was good and did not bite 🙂

In my new site, I park the truck just outside my door and I can see that it will not be long before I need a set of tires for it and I think it will likely need other work soon too, that really keeps the temptations for the fun stuff down!

Exercise: I walked my two miles today.

Night Folks