Happy Holidays!

I hope all is well with everyone and I am wishing all the best, to all my web friends 🙂
Hope everyone is having the best Holidays ever!

I am doing well, just taking a little time off form the blogging this winter, I’ll be back next year 🙂 I am lucky to have a couple friends in the area with me this year 🙂

Happy Holidays
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Best wishes to All


Wolf Sanctuary

Pictures: These two shots where taken a few years back at Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary near Grants, NM. These are either full wolfs or some mixed with dogs and part wolf. I was not fast enough to keep up and take pictures too 🙂 At any rate they where all beautiful animals.



Exercise: I walked two miles this morning.

Night Folks

A walk in 2013

Pictures: I took this little walk one day back in 2013. As I recall, it was about 17 miles in length and about a mile deep 🙂 It was my best walk ever as an old dude and I will always remember this one! Every step of this walk was breathtaking beautiful.



Exercise: Today I walked 2 miles, and today I could not even dream of taking the walk above 😪

Night Folks

Busy Times

Pictures: It is busy times high and low in Havasu, AZ. The area that my friend(Rick) and I were parked in was very busy over the Black Friday/Holiday weekend.

The sky was busy with Jets coming and going …


The Boon-docking area was busy with RVs coming and going too 🙂


Moved: This morning my friend(Rick) and I come back down south to a area near Parker. Things here are not so busy and the peace and quiet is much better. On the other side of things the only big store in the area is a Walmart but that is enough I think 🙂

Night Folks

Firefox 57

Pictures: Here is a sunset shot I took near Parker, AZ.


Firefox 57: I am liking the new Firefox pretty good it works fine on the Laptop and I think it is faster on the Tablet and the Phone. All the extension that I like are now back too!

The Noscript Extension is the one I feel like I can’t live without and it is back and running well. It has a much different interface but does much the same things as before. It is being updated most every day and getting better every day.

The Privacy Setting Extension is back too but is coming alone slower. It is a interface that kind of looks in at the About:Config setting of Firefox and puts many of the privacy setting in one panel with enable/disable switches. Very handy.

Night Folks

What to post Today

Pictures: Hmmmmmmmm what today? I am setting here typing, thinking and wondering what I’m going to post. I have not been doing a lot of photos lately, I always have older shots that have never been processed but …….

A day off ….. wait I’m off everyday ……. A day off from off, is that possible? That is pretty off. Oh wait, we may be getting to something here … I may be a bit off!! LOL!


Yes I’m being a bit lazy today …. if you were wondering.

Exercise: I walked a couple of miles this morning.

Night Folks