Western Grebes

Pictures: Couple shots of Western Grebes, there are many on the lake near where we are parked and I usually see one anytime I look out.



City: Barry went into the city today and I went with him and we did a lot of locating of things such as Laundry, Propane and Post Office among other things. We also visited our friend(Judy) while in the city too and it is always good to see friends.

Night Folks

Little Move

Pictures: The gravel road in the lower Camping area got to us so we moved again. We only moved about a mile or less to the upper camping area. We now have a view of the lake 🙂 Here are a few shots of the new view.

It is very Overcast today. All these shots taken from the steps of my RV.

Up the lake.

Down the Lake.
Caballo Lake-4-7D1-032618

Across the Lake.

Night Folks

Good and Bad

Pictures: The area we are parked in has one good point and one bad point. The good one is that we are right on the river, which is very nice, the bad point is that we have a gravel road on the opposite side of us and it stays busy during the day, so lots of dust. Hopefully there will be less traffic after the weekend. Over all, still pretty nice with lots of other good points!

River Side.

Gravel road side.

Night Folks

Two week move

Pictures: Here are the last pictures from Rockhound State Park, these cows would come by grazing in the field now and again. Don’t look like a lot to graze on to me but they look like they are doing okay.
Another thing is I was born and raised in the country and they give me that down home feeling 🙂
I get a kick out of folks that come from the city and have never seen cattle up close, I really love it when I hear them calling the cattle like they call their pets. Of course the truth is cows are like most animal you can train them to come to about any call if you give then the reward they want (food/feed)!





Moved: My friend Barry and I have moved today. We are now in Caballo, NM.

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