Still Windy

Note: I wrote this on the 13th and posted on the 14th …. I forgot to say “Night Folks”!!!

Pictures: With the wind and dust the Caballo Lake looks a bit muddy, has lots of little white caps and mini waves.



Still Windy: Well the temperatures has drop a good bit and the wind is still around so not a good day to be out (same as yesterday) but the wind is not scary hard(like yesterday) but today it is enough to be uncomfortable with the cooler temperature. Well as I am writing this it seem to be picking up a bit 😦 I think it should be ending by tonight, hopefully!

Dust: With all the wind the dust is being a pest to say the least. RVs are not all that tightly sealed and they kind of stay dusty inside in these conditions. Then there is breathing ……. I feel like I have a little person in my throat running around with a dust blower! It is not only me, it really bugs a lot of folks with coughing, sneezing, allergies and the like.

Night Folks


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