Sparky’s in Hatch

Hatch, NM: My friend Bruce and I are headed to Hatch today to enjoy some good food and sight-seeing. I will remember to take my camera today πŸ™‚

Had a good Chile Cheese Burger πŸ™‚

Pictures: Here is Sparky’s …. I think they want to be seen!


Across the road from Sparky’s.

This one even has a bird in it πŸ™‚

Friends: My friend Barry left the area Monday and is off to an area where he can do his VA thing. So good luck with the VA Barry and May you find the best doctors πŸ™‚

Night Folks


3 thoughts on “Sparky’s in Hatch

      1. Thank you, lots of fun stuff everywhere! It is a good place to eat but is only open Thru, Fri, Sat and Sunday. If you ever go pass Hatch, NM on one of those days I highly recommend the place πŸ™‚

        LOL, I am bad enough all by myself when it come to spelling and grammar, with spell check and auto correct it is more fun then a barrel full of little monkeys!

        Also hate that once I make a comment on someone blog other than mine I can’t edit it!

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