White Crowned and Black-Headed

Pictures: Here is a White-crowned Sparrow and a Black-headed Grosbeak.


Female Grosbeak.

Exercise: I walked a mile this morning, maybe I’ll do a little walk later on this evening.

Night Folks


Baby Clip

Pictures: This young Chipmunk likes to come and eat the seeds I throw out each day.



Exercise:I walked a couple short walks today.

Night Folks

Being Watched

Pictures: While out on my walk yesterday morning I could just feel the eyes on me 🧐

This squirrel had taken up a post on the cliff but it was in my walk way and the squirrel didn’t give it up till I was pretty close.

The Chipmunk was way up on the cliff, nowhere near my path and I near miss the little guy 🤔


City: I went into the city today and pick up some food items and order some parts for my truck. Maintenance … always fun and cheap …NOT! I am going to replace the front brake calipers on the truck, I have a front wheel squeaking and I replace both the brake pads and rotors on the front just about 4 or 5 months ago. I worry about the calipers when I did the earlier work …. may not be the problem but I am going to replace them.

Night Folks


Pictures: A Bee on a flower.



WordPress and Tracking: Due to new Privacy laws in Europe, site like WordPress have to notify folks in Europe when they are being tracked, and I got a notice in my blog saying I could enable this notice if I wanted to. (Which I did). Maybe this is WordPress’ way of trying to work around this by dumping it on the user?
I love the new Europe laws by the way and I hope they make it into the US!
WordPress is a free site for me so I have to put up with how they behave 😣

Exercise: I walked a mile a couple of time today.

Night Folks