White Crowned and Black-Headed

Pictures: Here is a White-crowned Sparrow and a Black-headed Grosbeak.


Female Grosbeak.

Exercise: I walked a mile this morning, maybe I’ll do a little walk later on this evening.

Night Folks


Being Watched

Pictures: While out on my walk yesterday morning I could just feel the eyes on me 🧐

This squirrel had taken up a post on the cliff but it was in my walk way and the squirrel didn’t give it up till I was pretty close.

The Chipmunk was way up on the cliff, nowhere near my path and I near miss the little guy 🤔


City: I went into the city today and pick up some food items and order some parts for my truck. Maintenance … always fun and cheap …NOT! I am going to replace the front brake calipers on the truck, I have a front wheel squeaking and I replace both the brake pads and rotors on the front just about 4 or 5 months ago. I worry about the calipers when I did the earlier work …. may not be the problem but I am going to replace them.

Night Folks


Pictures: A Bee on a flower.



WordPress and Tracking: Due to new Privacy laws in Europe, site like WordPress have to notify folks in Europe when they are being tracked, and I got a notice in my blog saying I could enable this notice if I wanted to. (Which I did). Maybe this is WordPress’ way of trying to work around this by dumping it on the user?
I love the new Europe laws by the way and I hope they make it into the US!
WordPress is a free site for me so I have to put up with how they behave 😣

Exercise: I walked a mile a couple of time today.

Night Folks

Blue Water Lake

Pictures: Some shots around the area, the lake is to my front and a canyon to my back and it makes it hard to choice which way to go for my morning walks.



The old brings the new.


City: I went into the little city of Grants today did my shopping and a little laundry and other chores.

Night Folks

PhotoBucket is Back

Pictures: Hot linking/images hosting from Photobucket, It is back! Although it is no longer free it is at a very reasonable price, $19.99 per year to start and maybe $25.00 the next year. That is a fair price, so I did sign up. I use Flickr now for all my new photos but I have a lot of photos still in Photobucket, and according to Photobucket support all my link should work now. I ask a few question before signing up, see a copy of the email below.
This was a special often and ends today, but maybe it will come around again if there are others out there that would like to restore their links. Hopefully the ridiculous price of $400.00 a year is gone forever!

Other Photo storage news …. Flickr will be in the hands of Smugmug come the 25th of May, I think this is a good thing! I got Emails from them both yesterday and today with today’s Email pointing to SmugMug’s Terms of Service for Flickr and Privacy Policy for Flickr. I’m not one that can understand all that lawyer chitter-chatter but just scanning in it a bit I think it is far better than what Verizon/Oath wanted us to agree to.

Some of my first uploads to PhotoBucket many moons ago.
Goose Donestic photo EverydayGoose023_zpsfef18e0a-1.jpg

Goose Canada photo CanadaGoose_5562_zpsd3938d91.jpg

Exercise: I walked 2 mile this morning, even though I did not feel like doing so.


Copy of Email from PhotoBucket with My question in Bold

Drew (Photobucket Support)

May 22, 4:49 PM MDT
Hello John,

Thanks for reaching out.

Please see below for answers to your questions:

1. If I get this plan will my hotlinking(your words) be restored on my WordPress.com blog?

Yes, the Ad Free with Hosting plan that we are offering will include 10 GB of storage and 3rd Party Hosting (hotlinking). Your images will be restored, so you do not need to re-link your images to your blog. All you need to do is clear your browser’s cache and cookies after upgrading.

2. Am I right in thinking that “Hotlinking” and “3rd party image hosting” is the same thing?

Yes, you are correct.

3. The offer of $19.99 is that just for first year and if so, what will the next years cost?

Yes, it is for the first year and it’s only for a limited time. The regular price of the subscription is $2.49/month or $24.99/year.

To purchase this limited time offer, please click below and select a payment option that works for you.


Just a heads up since this response is a bit late (our apologies), this special offer is only good until tomorrow, May 23rd.

4. Do you still have the same CEO that jack the price up to $400.00 a year?

Not anymore. Photobucket has a new management team that is working diligently to make changes and do right by our customers.

If you have any other questions regarding this, please let us know.

Thank you,

Drew@Photobucket Support
Have a question about something else? Our help site is packed with articles to get the help you need quickly. Click this link to access our help site – http://support.photobucket.com/home.
I just love it when Corporate America has to come to their senses!

I am posting a bit early today in case anyone out there would like to sign up for the PhotoBucket deal.

Good Day my Friends