Cooler Times

Moved: Today I have moved to a place near Datil, NM. It is for sure nowhere land. A little peace and quiet now after being around cities for a while. Very slow internet connection and no TV what-so-ever!

I have no pictures for you today but tomorrow I will get some of the camping area 🙂 The place has lots of birds around too but it has a week limit stay so I may not have time to entice the birds to come pose for a photo or two 🙂

The good news is that it is farther north and higher in elevation …. oh yeah it is a lot cooler!!

Night Folks


2 thoughts on “Cooler Times

  1. Out of curiosity I looked on Google maps to see exactly where Datil is. Found it and learned it has a population of 24! On our way home (via Wyoming and Colorado) from Mt. Rushmore and the Badlands last year we drove through Bill, Wyoming with a population of 10. That was more than a doubling of what the population had been a few years earlier before the railroad made it a rest stop for their crews.

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    1. LOL, you found out my secret … I’m a city person! There is a post office and a corner store/restaurant so I can likely see at least half of them when I go visit for lunch one day 😉 Another fun place to look up is right down the road a ways is Pie Town … maybe my next stop. Also I am not far from the VLA (Very Large Array) and it is fun to visit. I’ll know sooner than most when the little green guys start talking with us 😁 . The VLA is also feature in the movie (Contact).

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