Pictures: Just two shots from the canyon.



City: Today was chores day, into Grants to do Laundry and stuff.

Night Folks


2 thoughts on “Creek

  1. You got a canyon as your back yard. One of the advantages or RV-ing is that you don’t have to maintain your own garden. My garden is extremely tiny ( an ant can hardly turn it’s butt) but still I almost tore my hands and arms in pieces trying to extinct an atomic Ivy. But yes – chores have to be done. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, yes that is the best advantage of RVing, if the yard gets out of control it is time to move! Gardens can be a really big chore but I miss having one 🤔 Chores, are so never done, oh how wonderful it much be to be rich and have chore people that do ones chores! It is a good day dream to have as we do our chores, yes?

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