Old and New

Pictures: Here is a shot of some cat-tails, some from last years and some from this years, and another shot of the same flower I posted last week, I took about five shots of the flower.



Exercise: No exercise, I’m taking it ease for a bit.
Update: I couldn’t stand it, I got out and sputtered around on the bike for 5 miles. A little something.

Night Folks

4 thoughts on “Old and New

  1. She is a beautiful pink flower and I love all those white flowers at the bottom of the cattails.
    Glad you changed your mind and took a bike ride after all.

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    1. Thank you so much, the white ones are nice too and the creek is full of them šŸ™‚
      I do want to exercise, but walking is kind of out for now, so it is the bike!


  2. Sorry to hear you can’t bike no more šŸ˜„ I do understand because there are a few things I can’t do anymore either. I guess it is the price one pays for living on šŸ¤”


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