What’s that Clicking?

Pictures: A Juniper Titmouse and a Mocking Bird, I like it when the birds give me that look that says (Hey, what is that you are doing there?)



Exercise: I rode the bike this morning for a little over 7 miles. I added 3 more miles this afternoon so 10 miles total for today, I am happy with that! 🙂

WordPress Plans: Okay …. I am a dummy 😣!!! When I looked at the cost of the WordPress plans I did not notice the price had a “MX ” before the $45.00 (Like this MX$45.00) so after a friend bringing this to my attention(Thanks Rick) …. we think this is a Mexico price in Pesos.

So for whatever reason my WordPress thinks I am in Mexico or at least gives me the price in MX$! I run a VPN but even when I disconnect from it, WordPress still gives me MX$ prices, so …. I need to figure out why. Or maybe I don’t, some folks are telling me they don’t see much in ads when looking at my blog no way.

I tried many times to find out why I am being given the price in MX$ but I have not figured it out and I cannot get it priced in US dollars when I am logged into WordPress.

So, can anyone tell me if I run it through with MX$’s on my American bank, if it will come out all right? It looks cheaper with MX$ anyways! Just wondering.

Friends: I have a friend in the area(Dale) and it was good to have someone to set out and chat with for while yesterday evening. Always good to have friends around.

Night Folks