Chipping Sparrow

Pictures: Couple shots of a Chipping Sparrow.



Moved: Today is the end of my two week stay in the State Park so I have move a little ways. Also I stop in the city and got the chores done while I was at it.

Night Folks


6 thoughts on “Chipping Sparrow

  1. New Mexico is having some hot weather. It has been miserable for a few hours in the afternoon. I enjoyed visiting with you in the evening. Maybe we will run into each other in another campground down the road.

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    1. Yep, the afternoons have been and it looks like will keep being pretty dang hot! I am sure we’ll cross paths again sooner or later!


  2. Do you ever get tired of having to move every two weeks? Just wondering.
    You have done it so often that it probably does not take you very long to do it.

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    1. Hi Meta, not near as tired as I got of being in the same place day after day when I own a home!!! If I desire I can find ways to set still if I like, but I really don’t want to! No, when the house is already on wheels it don’t take too long to get on the road 🙂


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