Jay and Phoebe

Pictures: Here is a Western Scrub Jay and a Say’s Phoebe.

Looks like it is howling at the moon 😏 🌜


Exercise : ✔ Yep, I did that!

Night Folks


Rock Dove (Feral Pigeon)

Pictures: A couple more of the Pigeon I seen about a month ago. I am in the same area but I am not seeing it this time.



City: I took the day and made a chores day out of it. Laundry, Water and shopping.

Night Folks


Pictures: Here are two Hummers, one Calliope with friends and one Rufous Hummer …. it is hard to get just one Hummer in the frame!

Make room!

Rufous Hummer.

City: I was off to the city today to do chores and such.

Maintenance: The truck needs new tires, I have a appointment for that tomorrow! I put a hundred dollars back each month for Vehicle Refrigeration, Insurance and maintenance and the tires will take a big chuck of that tomorrow! The poor little account says “Ouch”. The good news is that after tomorrow I will have new brakes and tires all the way around, so if I can get it going I will be able to stop it when needed! I just won’t have no money to buy nothing when I stop, LOL!

Camping Area: Ha, I have more good news! The camping area that I am in now, it was limited to one week camping at a time for all the years I have known about it but it has now been changed to a 2 week limit, so I can hang out for another week and watch the Hummers.
Also yesterday I finally had a bird visit for some of my birdseed, after a week of having birdseed out! It was/is a Canyon Towhee so maybe others will follow this week. Such little things make me happy 🙂

Night Folks

No “Big” Birds

Pictures: I have stay for a week in this spot that I am in now and I have not had any birds come for the water or seed that I have out, that is odd seeing as I stay a week in a spot about 200 feet from here about a month ago and had a lot of birds come by.
However … I have been well entertained with all the Humming Birds 🙂

These images are not very good as far as photos go(It was still near dark when I took these this morning, so high ISO, slow shutter speed and handheld.) but they show the ideal of just how many Hummers are coming to the feeder.

Canon 7D Mark II, Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II at 248mm, Shutter 1/6, ISO 2500, F5.6 , Handheld.

Canon 7D Mark II, Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II at 248mm, Shutter 1/16, ISO 2500, F5.6 , Handheld.

I put the Exif data in hopes of forgiveness of such poor photos 🤔

Exercise: I walked a little over two miles this morning.

Birds in the RV: I get a lot of little birds in the RV from time to time but for a fun tell and a “BIG BIRD” coming in a RV read Judie’s comment in yesterday’s post! A Hawk would sure bring some excitement to an RV!

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