Western Scrub Jay

Pictures: A couple of shots of a young Western Scrub Jay Chick.



Exercise: I walked 1.24 miles this morning. Afternoon…. added another mile, so about 2.25 total for the day.

Friends: My Friend Dale came and stay two weeks here in Blue Water Lake State Park and I enjoyed visiting with him but today he hit the road, so good travels Dale!

Night Folks


4 thoughts on “Western Scrub Jay

  1. Thanks John! It was nice walking and visiting with you. I think we solved all the world problems! I made it to Navajo State Park on the Pine side. I think I got the last electric site. Had a brief shower but not enough to cool it off, so AC will be welcome for a couple days.

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    1. Thank you Dale, if only the world would listen! Good to hear that you got hooked up and you can stay cool ,that’s good. Enjoy your overnight and have some good travels tomorrow.


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