Mountain Bluebird

Pictures: Here is a Daddy and chick, Mountain Bluebirds.

As usual, click the images for the larger pictures.


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14 thoughts on “Mountain Bluebird

  1. What a beauty!!
    I think it can be a good idea to turn of the like button for a while. When you get too many Likes, if we can get too many 😉 ..and have not enough time to visit everyone it’s a choice that you can easily change back later. Additionally, those who really Like a post usually write something as well. I personally appreciate getting comments while Like does not say so much. But, it’s also time-consuming to write comments to everyone we follow. Cheers!!

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    1. Thanks Anita. I think most of us follow way more people than we can full heartily keep up with (unless one does nothing else in life, but most of us have life’s off line too ) . I found that at times it was really not possible for me to keep up with everyone with the ideal of given fair time to each person.

      I think the thing that set off alarms for me was the clicking of “likes” a little to fast before fully understanding the full post. I am interested in photos mostly and some time not so much in other things and find myself clicking the “like” because I like that photo or photos and not given my mind much to that, that is written in words within the post.

      So maybe what I need to do is to keep a smaller group of folks online to enter-react with. The problem with that is that there are so many good blogs that I would like to follow closely but ….. one much know ones own limitations 🤔

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      1. Agree, one must know ones own limitations, which is not always an easy task. I noticed that it’s still possible to click on Like in the “Reader” but it doesn’t show here. Many followers apparently only use the “Reader” without knowing that their Likes does not show when visiting your site.

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        1. Well I guess I’m one of those that didn’t know that! I constantly use both the web and the reader. For many of the photo blogs that I read, I’ll scan through the reader and then go to the site to see the photos(much better for viewing) and read more if there’s more reading and after that I’ll come back to the reader and do my liking and comments.

          The reason I do it that way is because I have my browser set really tight for security/privacy and if I try to click likes on their site or do comments on their blog it says, I need to sign in even though I am already signed in with the reader and if on my computer I will be sign in with my browser too, but still the web site will ask me to sign in. Not all blogs do that but most do. I have a lots of privacy add-ons like no-scipt, ad-blocker, cookie blocker and many more and these plug-ins break sites from working properly.
          So the inter-reactions is just much easier in the reader.

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