Pictures: Here are two Hummers, one Calliope with friends and one Rufous Hummer …. it is hard to get just one Hummer in the frame!

Make room!

Rufous Hummer.

City: I was off to the city today to do chores and such.

Maintenance: The truck needs new tires, I have a appointment for that tomorrow! I put a hundred dollars back each month for Vehicle Refrigeration, Insurance and maintenance and the tires will take a big chuck of that tomorrow! The poor little account says “Ouch”. The good news is that after tomorrow I will have new brakes and tires all the way around, so if I can get it going I will be able to stop it when needed! I just won’t have no money to buy nothing when I stop, LOL!

Camping Area: Ha, I have more good news! The camping area that I am in now, it was limited to one week camping at a time for all the years I have known about it but it has now been changed to a 2 week limit, so I can hang out for another week and watch the Hummers.
Also yesterday I finally had a bird visit for some of my birdseed, after a week of having birdseed out! It was/is a Canyon Towhee so maybe others will follow this week. Such little things make me happy 🙂

Night Folks