Sunset Parking

Pictures: Here is a sunset shot and a shot of me enjoying it šŸ™‚


This is my kind of parking!

Exercise: I got back to it this morning after being very lazy yesterday.

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13 thoughts on “Sunset Parking

      1. Have you composed the wonderful photo? The foreground with the dark bushes and the beautiful sunset in the background, or did you take it for a moment’s photo?

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        1. John, it is a single shot. Most of the time when I take these sunset shots the background/sunset is very bright and that leaves the foreground very dark in the Raw Photo. It is than just a matter of what post processing I do in Photoshop, most of the time I pull the shadows up just a little and sometimes just leave them completely dark. I only try to pull the foreground all the way up when I feel that something in the foreground is the main subject, but as long as the sunset is my main subject I just let the foreground stay dark.

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          1. I always edit my picture in Lightroom, I have forgot the most of Photoshop since I got a course in it for over 2 years ago, in full time. The camera don’t see what the human eyes see so you must edit the pictures. Sometimes I make he color more colorful, it’s quite beautiful with strong colors.šŸ˜Š

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