Wild Flowers

Pictures: Three more wild flower shots and one with a spider which I did not see till I was doing my post processing.




Exercise: ✅ Normal two-mile walk.

Night Folks


15 thoughts on “Wild Flowers

    1. Thank you, it is always a joy to get “extra” when one open their photo on the computer 🙂 When seeing the little bugs and such I often think about doing micro photography but that is kind of a photographing area in itself. Also it seems to me that the air is allays moving things around out here in the west. Maybe one day …

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    1. Thanks David, LOL, on that last one when I was processing it, I was thinking man that background with the out of focus flower is really distracting but still I was liking the shot, so as I often do …. I think “I am not a photographer so I don’t have to be picky about what I post”. LOL, I think about this a lot when working on my images because I have often read that a photographer never shows his “bad” shots and sometimes I want to show my “not so good shots”.
      I often wonder if other folks do that or do most just want to show their best work?
      I guess this is the fun game I play in my mind with myself when I know I could and should do better! LOL.


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