Wild Flower, Yet Again

Pictures: Couple more Wild Flower shots.



Chilling : ✅ Yep that gets the Check Mark today! I be back walking tomorrow.

Clipboard Managers : I have used Ditto Clipboard Manager for years now but I have moved to one called ClipClip. Ditto worked beautiful for me for many years but ClipClip has a thing that I like that Ditto don’t have. ClipClip does all that Ditto does and this other thing which is, it keeps all my clip(or to the number I set it at) until I shut down windows at which time it clears the clipboard and that is the feature that I like. Now if I happen to leave a password in the clip it will be deleted when I shut down. I could not find a way to do that in Ditto.

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    1. Thank you Hien. A clipboard manager extends on what the Windows clipboard can do. For example if you clip some texts into Windows clipboard and then paste it and go on doing other work and maybe clip a second clip and paste it, then you lose your first clip because Windows only hold one at a time. Clipboard Manager can hold a 100 if you like (I set my at 10) and that way you can go back and find older clips if you need them. Also Clip managers let you store clips that can be kept forever, I use that a lot for my blog, for example, the basic code for a photo link I paste by doing a keyboard shortcut and then doing a drag and drop.
      If you have never use one I would suggest you download one and play with it, you very well may find that is is a useful tool to use for doing repetitive things (like blog post). I am really liking Clipclip for Windows. There are others Clip manager that can be use on other O.S. if you don’t have Windows.


      1. Thank you very much. I remember now that I once used something like a clipboard manager for coding, but then the company I worked for took it away and that was the end of that. I’ll look into ClipClip as you recommended.

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