Wild Flowers with the 50

Pictures: Wild Sunflowers, I see lots of these in the west. I dug out an old lens that I have had for years, a old and cheap 50mm but I did get a few good shots with it, like these.



Exercise: I walked a couple of miles today.

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14 thoughts on “Wild Flowers with the 50

  1. Gorgeous color and detail! You held the yellow very, very well! All my Nikons seem to have trouble with yellow, deep pinks, and reds. Every one of them, but I love the lenses, and ergo-dynamics of the cameras that I will gladly fuss with the settings to get it right.

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    1. Thank you πŸ™‚, I like everyone else have a hard time with bight saturated colors. I don’t know what you use to do your post processing, but in Adobe Camera Raw the first thing I try when getting color that are heavy saturated is to pull the Highlight and Whites down a good bit. Sometimes it really helps a lot.
      I know with birds the bright reds, yellows and blues are really tough for me.

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      1. I do the same in post. I too am using ACR and Photoshop. 😊 But if I’m shooting vibrant, saturated colors I’ll change my picture control saturation level down a tick or two, or to the neutral profile which is faster.

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        1. I do very little in the camera setting and I should use them a lot more. I am spoiled with being able to do most things I want in post. But it would be much better if I would learn to use the camera setting far more than I do.

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