Common Raven

Pictures: Couple shots of a friend from Blue Water Lake, I called him “Bad Foot” because his left foot was always curled back under. He like it when I put out peanuts in the shells.

I am not always sure when looking at Crows and Ravens of which is which … but I am going to go with Raven on this one due to the size of the bill and the shaggy throat.



Moved: Well I have moved to one of the other local parks and I am now hooked back up to Electric and the AC is feeling good!

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8 thoughts on “Common Raven

  1. We have Chihuahuan Ravens that come here to drink from our pond. They are soooo big, that when they go over, they practically blot out the sun! One day they brought Junior to show him the ropes. He was so big, I didn’t think it was a “baby” until he did the baby bird pathetic flutter, and the parents popped a lizard (or some other hapless insect) into his gaping maw. They were around for a day or two, but moved on out smartly.

    They are so amusing as they come in with giant hunks of what looks like hot dog buns in their beaks so they can swish them around in the water before dining. Sometimes the pieces drop off, so they leave that swill behind. It mixes with the algae that forms in the sunlight, and apparently makes a tasty meal, because the critter cam sometimes shows deer and/or javelina slurping up said “soup”.

    Virtual hugs,


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    1. I am very unsure if I would recognize a Chihuahuan Ravens if I seen one. I am sometimes surprised too at just how big the babies are when they come to the feeder the first time. I guess it is a sign that they have been well fed! Perhaps a mother bird’s bragging rights, “Look what a big fine young bird I have raised!”

      And we human thought we came up with the ideal for soup!! πŸ€”

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