Chaco Canyon

Pictures: Here is a shot taken back in 2013 at Chaco Canyon.


Weather: Another beautiful day!

Night Folks

Previous Sunset

Pictures: Another of the previous post’s sunset pics, maybe 5 minutes later.


Beautiful Day: The day started a little cool but turn into a beauty!

Night Folks

Rainbow and Sunset

Pictures: I seen this piece of Rainbow peeking out of the sky the other day so this is my version of bring it to life and here is another nice sunset at the RV park.



Weather: It one of them lazy days for sure, overcast and cooler than most days.

Night Folks

Mountain Top

Pictures: Shot from somewhere in AZ.


Las Cruces : Rode to Las Cruces today with my friend Barry and it turn into a long day. He had a new radio put in his vehicle and it took a while. Hey, he brought me a free meal so not all was lost 🙂

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