Rainbow and Sunset

Pictures: I seen this piece of Rainbow peeking out of the sky the other day so this is my version of bring it to life and here is another nice sunset at the RV park.



Weather: It one of them lazy days for sure, overcast and cooler than most days.

Night Folks

Mountain Top

Pictures: Shot from somewhere in AZ.


Las Cruces : Rode to Las Cruces today with my friend Barry and it turn into a long day. He had a new radio put in his vehicle and it took a while. Hey, he brought me a free meal so not all was lost 🙂

Night Folks

Canada Goose

Pictures: I open my bird files this morning and shut my eyes and roll the mouse wheel and clicked …. this is where it ended up 🙂 .

When I took these back in 2005 I had likely just learn what a shutter button was for 🤔

Goose Canada_1105

Canada Goose_5562

Noon: The weather here has had cool nights (20s) and the warm days (50s), so it is about noon before I want to come out. My friend Barry is always like a buzz saw and is out running around in the cooler morning air, building things and sputtering as usual. The older I get the less and less excuse I need to procrastinate!

Liar, Lair pants on fire: This morning I got a phone message form the IRS(fake) with all kinds of bad (you in trouble stuff in it) it took me about 5 seconds to realize (Oh, I got one of those scan calls fishing for info) so a deleted it was. I am very aware of such scams but it still took me the 5 sec for it to hit, had I answer live it may I took me more time but I am sure by the time they ask me for the first piece of personal info I would have caught on. I can see how folks that are less tech like, could get caught up in such scams, it is sad.

I once met a lady that was doom docking with a group of us and she told us she was dealing with a problem like this(she had been convinced it was real) and all the rest of us in the group immediately warn her off. Just damn sad 😥

Night Folks

Prairie Falcon

Pictures: Here is another shot of the Prairie Falcon that I seen at Percha Dam State Park.


Fast Food: I did something I usually don’t do and that is to go out in the evening for fast food but today my friend Barry and I did, we have Lota Burgers and they were mighty tasty!

Night Folks


Pictures: I have not been getting out to shoot any of late so I may need to dig into the old files 🙂

Oh, here we go, did these one day when I was bored! I never could color inside the lines!



Solar: I seem to have pick the best days to get that job done as it seems we are in for a little cooler weather for the next week or so. Lucky call for me. I still have some more to do but it all can be done at my leisure.

Night Folks