Been a while! Well I spent a few months in the state parks and I am now put up in a RV park in Deming, NM. I will likely be here for a while (few months). I am here with a friend and we are staying busy with this and that. It has been pretty dang cold and I am boon-docking in the park rather than being hook up so I’m burning a lot of propane but I am staying very warm.

Out of all the State parks I stay in this fall, only one had really good birding and that was Percha Dam State Park. Well …. maybe I should say good birding as in I didn’t have to go far looking for birds, because all the parks were near water and there where plenty of birds but Percha had a great little trail along the river with lots of birds.

Pictures: Osprey.



Holidays: I hope everyone had great holidays! I did fine and stay out of all the fuss and such 😀 and that is a good holiday for me!!

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