Thank you for all the kind “Welcome Backs”

Thank you!: You folks sure give me a nice warm feeling of being welcome back to bogging, please give me a bit of time to catch up on things in all your blogs. I have tried to do a little catching up today but there is so many good post!

Pictures: Here is a Clark’s Grebe and a Coppers Hawk.



Health: Over the holidays (actually since spring) me and the Doctors had to fuss a bit over getting my blood pressure under control but we did get there. Of course, the reason it is high is that I have been very much losing my ongoing battle with weight. I am back to being bear size … but hey, I am a very lovable bear you know! All right, all right I say, all you folks that really know me, just shut up!!! LOL.

Night Folks


10 thoughts on “Thank you for all the kind “Welcome Backs”

    1. Thank you appreciate that, looking over your post I see you are still making beautiful art and having fun with Clyde! Don’t set no printers on fire and have a very Hempy Hemp New Year new year …… or a very happy new year šŸ˜€

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  1. I won’t complain that your bear size saying that as a woman who needs and adores a bear-sized man to keep her warm. He-Man understands you I’m sure. Although he’s yelled, and cursed me out more times than I care to count for coming to bed with ice-cold feet. But, he hogs all the blankets so… I’ll just leave it there shall I? šŸ˜ƒ

    I’m glad your back! Happy New Year John!

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