Took a trip to Las Cruces today

Las Cruces: Today my friend had some appointments in Las Cruces(about 60 miles away) so I went with him and enjoyed a day of riding around and looking around the stores.

Pictures: Red tail Hawk and a Plainopepla.



Catching up: Folks it is going to take a while for me to catch up. Plus I will be very busy with other things.
My friend has sold me his very nice RV solar system and it all has to be taken off his rig and the solar panels will be put on my rig and the other components will be sold. A good bit of work to be done.

Night Folks

11 thoughts on “Took a trip to Las Cruces today

  1. Don’t worry about spreading yourself too thin. Some days you just can’t do everything and we will be here if you skip a day or two blogging. Glad you have a friend to hang out with and do things with.

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    1. Hello, I have not been able to keep up with all the folks that give me likes so it is not fair that I have them given to me. When I got a ” like” I would always go to the site of the liker and read what they was up too and return the like, and I just found that I could not keep up.

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