Tire Hanger

Tire Hanger: Today my friend and I put a spare tire hanger under my RV. My spare has always been mounted on the bumper of the RV but I plan to put the Generator back there so we move the tire to the hanger under the RV. My friend Barry is very good at mechanical things and to tell the truth he did most of the work but still I am beat!

Pictures: Sand Hill Crane and Coppers Hawk.



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2 thoughts on “Tire Hanger

  1. Great picture!😊 I really miss to be out and shoot birds and nature, have been so tired the latest months. Had 2 weeks vacation no during the Christmas and just took it easy and rest so Maybe is fit for fight in the weekends when I start to work again.

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    1. Thanks John, sometimes life just gets in the way of the fun things that we like to do πŸ€” ! I seems to have run into that a lot of late …. At any rate hope you get back to the fun stuff soon!

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