Gull and Falcon

Pictures: A gull and another shot of the Prairie Falcon.



No Sunshine : The days have all been overcast of late and it is raining off and on today. I miss the sunshine! Man, other people’s weather is boring ain’t it????? LOL.

Night Folks


11 thoughts on “Gull and Falcon

  1. I can say our weather is St. Louis has not been boring. Had a high of 66 f with lots of sun on Tuesday and averaged 15 degrees above historical average Sunday through Thursday.

    Friday through Sunday we’ll have highs each day that are 15 degrees below historical average; plus they are forecasting 5 – 9 inches of snow during that period.

    I’m glad I’m not working anymore and having to worry about the 30 mile (one way) interstate drive I used to have. But then again I’m always glad I’m not working anymore. 🙂

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    1. David I hate to see the weather swing like that (more so now that I am a little older) and I sure don’t want to see any snow! I hear you about not working no more, it is nice to look out and say “I think I’ll just stay in.”
      I had a friend that once told me that when he retired it took him a long time to get use to the ideal ….. he said ” It took me almost all day!” LOL


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