Bluebirds and Starlings

Pictures: Pair Western Bluebirds and 4 Starlings.

Something tells me that these two were not speaking!


Wind and Sun: Today I did not get much accomplished, the sun was out but the wind was enough to make it uncomfortable out.

Night Folks

8 thoughts on “Bluebirds and Starlings

  1. Normally I’d consider bluebirds and starlings as “beauty and the beast”, especially since the Eastern bluebird is the state bird of Missouri. But I enlarged the photo and due to some advantageous lighting the starlings were showing some nice iridescent turquoise colors and even the white specks were popping on some seemingly shiny black feathers.

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    1. Thanks, the Bluebirds are the beauties for sure and I once lived in a place where thousands and thousands of the starlings would roast at night and they where a beast! But .. they do have their beauty I guess.

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