Windy and Resting

Pictures: Another sunset here at the RV Park.


Weather: Today is warm with lots of sun but it is windy again today. A very fine day for me to chill out and rest!

Night Folks


16 thoughts on “Windy and Resting

    1. LOL you always get it right, it’s just that I most often don’t looked at the blog till the next day …. but I did today/tonight, so good night to you my friend 😴

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    1. Thank you, I see you are still making beautiful art and having fun with Clyde. Moon Shine … my first drink ever(at age 11) from my Dad’s mini still! On Sharks ” but they sometimes take exploratory bites” Ouch!

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    1. Hi Minton, a RV can be a Motor-home, Travel Trailer, or a Fifth Wheel. Also I have seen other Vehicle converted to RVs such as Buses and Box vans.


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