Canada Goose

Pictures: I open my bird files this morning and shut my eyes and roll the mouse wheel and clicked …. this is where it ended up 🙂 .

When I took these back in 2005 I had likely just learn what a shutter button was for 🤔

Goose Canada_1105

Canada Goose_5562

Noon: The weather here has had cool nights (20s) and the warm days (50s), so it is about noon before I want to come out. My friend Barry is always like a buzz saw and is out running around in the cooler morning air, building things and sputtering as usual. The older I get the less and less excuse I need to procrastinate!

Liar, Lair pants on fire: This morning I got a phone message form the IRS(fake) with all kinds of bad (you in trouble stuff in it) it took me about 5 seconds to realize (Oh, I got one of those scan calls fishing for info) so a deleted it was. I am very aware of such scams but it still took me the 5 sec for it to hit, had I answer live it may I took me more time but I am sure by the time they ask me for the first piece of personal info I would have caught on. I can see how folks that are less tech like, could get caught up in such scams, it is sad.

I once met a lady that was doom docking with a group of us and she told us she was dealing with a problem like this(she had been convinced it was real) and all the rest of us in the group immediately warn her off. Just damn sad 😥

Night Folks