Couple Sunsets

Pictures: Here is two sunset from two different days over the last week or so.



The Weather is Beautiful!

Slide Floor: About 10 years ago I had to repair the floor of the Slide in the RV and I replaced it with a much heavier floor and that is causing me a few problems and I am having to add some supports under the slide. I needed to build them which I have done and now I need to put them in. My friend Barry who is a very good hand at such things is helping me, thankfully. Only a few years ago I would have done this in a day or two but I am now taking my time and it is taking a week or two. Old RV are like old cars, they need working on from time to time.

Night Folks

Pretty Thing

Pictures: Another shot from my starting years of photographing.


The cold Snap: Well, it is still biting! I so look forward to the warmer weather 🧐 Update: The Afternoon was a beauty, thank you mother nature 👍 !

Night Folks

Rainbow in Soft Sunlight

Pictures: I took this shot a couple of years back and I can’t remember where but it looks like a nice place. I found this one deep in my files and I really like the light.


Weather: Well as I sit here today the wind is bring colder weather and the temperatures is going down today and the weekend looks like its is going to be chilly but Monday will start a warm up and next week looks nice. I just topped off my propane tanks so I’m ready for the cooler weekend!

Update: About 4 pm it started snowing here in Deming, it don’t do that a lot here but it is today. No problem, I’m burning the propane and I am toasty!

Night Folks