Tioga and George

Today I am posting in respect to someone I have never met but have always admired as an RV Blogger. In all the years I have RVed and even before I started and was just trying to figure out what it was all about and how to do full-time RVing, I read this man’s blog, George of the Blog Tioga and George

He has passed away and nothing can make me sadder. He is a great lost to the RVing community.

My fellow blogger George, I will miss you.

RV John

10 thoughts on “Tioga and George

  1. Definitely will miss his posts. They were “him” – with no frills. I read him from the start, and was always tickled by his take on ordinary things. He had self assurance, and that seemed to see him through a lot of ups and downs.

    Virtual hugs,


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    1. I’ll miss him a lot, in the beginning he was the guide for me on just how to do things. I am glad he died doing the thing that he love. He had no quit in him and I found a lot of fun in his writing because he would tell it all even when he made a mess!

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    1. Thanks Hien, he was indeed a handy guy. When I started to think about coming out as a full-time RVer back in 05 and 06, his blog was one that let me know that it was possible and he was living proof. He was doing exactly what I wanted to do. Over the years I really enjoyed his antics and bold style of living.


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