Bryce Canyon

Pictures: A couple more from my visit to Bryce Canyon a few years back.



Printer Fun: I have always tried to keep a printer in the RV for those (once in a year times) that I need to print something. For years I kept getting Ink Jet printers till I finally figured out that out here in the west you could not leave an Ink Jet printer loaded with ink (in a RV) for a year without it drying completely out. So trying to use an Inkjet left me buying ink every-time I needed to print something and that is just too costly! So I got me a Monochrome Laser Jet printer for what little printing I do and I have been very happy with it. The only problem is that I don’t use it very often and I forget how to use the thing sometimes, LOL.

Today I wanted to print something (For Sale flyers for the Solar stuff I have left over) so when trying to print I was hearing the paper load and what sounded like the printer printing but I was not seeing no prints come out. So off to some trouble shooting we go, that led me to test printing a dozen times or so …. and in the end what I found was that the printer has a little drop down door in the back and if that is open that is where the prints comes out but with the way the printer was setting I could not see the back! So all my test printing was going out the back … needless to say by the time I figured the problem out, I had plenty of copies! 😲

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