Growing in Rock

Pictures: In 2013 I visited Joshus Tree National Park and took these shot of cactus growing out of the rock.



Spring is Coming: A little over a month and it will be spring once again. I like the spring even way out here in the west desert, it might not be as near noticeable as back east but things do come alive and I enjoy watching that and always look forward to it. Today is a beautiful day but there is a little wind blowing just like most spring days here in Deming and I guess it has me thinking of spring.

I’m kicked back in my chair and watching the birds feed, I’m not getting to many kinds of birds just yet, House Sparrows, House Finches, White-crowned Sparrows and a few Doves. I’m kind of in an open area and it is not the birds favorite kind of spot. Maybe I’ll get some more interesting ones later, I’ll have to wait and see what the feeding brings me.

Night Folks