Purple Finch

Pictures: Took these shots the first year I started photographing with a DSLR back in 05.

Purple Finch_3522

Purple Finch Male_5271

The Day: It has been a pretty fair day. The wind has pick up a bit this afternoon but the morning was pretty nice. Looking at the forecast I see good weather a-coming!

Night Folks

15 thoughts on “Purple Finch

        1. LOL, I hear you, I would have wanted that too 😈 ! But than again those Finches may not do well in the wild…. I had seen the ones in the pet stores and they are beautiful little birds.

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    1. Hi, Minton I travel just for the better weather and sometimes I miss a bit πŸ™‚ . Looking at my forecast it looks pretty good in just a few days. Hope your weather gets better soon too!


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