Rainbow in Soft Sunlight

Pictures: I took this shot a couple of years back and I can’t remember where but it looks like a nice place. I found this one deep in my files and I really like the light.


Weather: Well as I sit here today the wind is bring colder weather and the temperatures is going down today and the weekend looks like its is going to be chilly but Monday will start a warm up and next week looks nice. I just topped off my propane tanks so I’m ready for the cooler weekend!

Update: About 4 pm it started snowing here in Deming, it don’t do that a lot here but it is today. No problem, I’m burning the propane and I am toasty!

Night Folks


14 thoughts on “Rainbow in Soft Sunlight

  1. Hey John. It’s been a cold winter here in southern Arizona too. Lots of cold mornings and wind but next week is looking good. Did you see that they got 3 feet of snow in Flagstaff? It will be a while before we can go there!

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    1. Hello Dale, a cooler winter here in the southwest than usual for sure. I heard that too about Flagstaff, wow can you imagine that field we were in there at Belmont a couple summer ago! Stay warm my friend.

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  2. Wow!! Such a great image of the rainbow! Also a lovely light in your image.
    Understand it’s quite cold where you are right now, and snow!!! Today is my last day here in Borneo and in Malta the spring has arrived. 🌹🌸 But still, not as warm like here.β˜€οΈβ˜€οΈ

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